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Choose from an Array of Stucco Finishes in Abbotsford

Stucco is one of the easiest ways to entirely change the look of your home or business without having to make changes to the overall structure. It can be applied on any surface including brick, block, wood siding, and more. If you are looking for a company that offers a wide variety of stucco finishes in Abbotsford, Design Stucco is your go-to choice. From EIFS to acrylic and traditional stucco, we offer everything under one roof. With vast experience and attention to detail, we ensure to provide a seamless finish without compromising on the quality. You might have specific requirements or a tight budget; we will work it out for you. Our contractors are certified, and we use quality products from the following brands:




 Eldorado Stone

 Adex Architectural Coatings

 Rocky Mountain Stoneworks Ltd

Go through this page to learn more about the stucco finish options we offer or call us right away to book an appointment. Our team will be happy to work with you.

EIFS Stucco/Exterior Insulation Finishing System

If you need stucco that is durable and maintenance-free, you can’t beat EIFS. It is a multi-layered wall system that provides comes with the benefit of excellent energy efficiency, unlimited colour choices, and texture and design. These features can make any home or building look more attractive. The EIFS is made up of the following:

 A waterproofing application is applied over an exterior sheathing before the insulation board.

 The insulation board consists of polystyrene or polyisocyanurate (ISO) foam. It is then secured to the exterior wall with either special adhesives or mechanical attachments.

 A water-resistant base coat is applied on top of the insulation. Later, this is reinforced with fibreglass mesh for added durability and strength.

 An attractive acrylic stucco finish is applied on top of the water-resistant base coat, which results in a colourfast and crack-resistant finish.


Stucco has been used as a coating for the outside of homes and buildings for a very long time. Traditional stucco application is ideally made up of 2 coats of sand/cement mixture followed by a textured finish coat with added colour pigments. With this method, you can instantly enhance the curb appeal of your property as you can get a wall with a full depth of colour and unlimited and rich textural finishes.


Acrylic stucco is also made up of the same sand/cement base like traditional stucco. The only difference is that the second coat is levelled and floated to create a smooth finish. Then the acrylic finish coat is applied. You can choose from a wide selection of colours to match any paint or chip colour. This method offers you a smooth, sleek, and modern look.


Have you ever wondered how a finishing is given with pebbles or rocks embedded into the surface? If yes, it’s done through a Rock Dash or Slop Dash finish. In this method, the finish is created by dashing tiny crushed rocks or pebbles onto the surface of a newly applied stucco. This results in the embedding of the material into the wall. Once this is done, it can be painted the colour of your choice.


In contrast, a California Slop Dash or Torpedo finish is created by adding pebbles or crushed rock directly to the stucco mix. It is then applied and painted in your choice of colour.


Rain screen systems are designed for incidental moisture infiltration. They give high-performance and are long-lasting and energy-efficient. During the construction process, the outer layer of a wall assembly is separated from the inner wall by an air space. This air space is designed with vertical furring strips or rain-screen drainage mats to allow moisture to escape at the bottom. This system ensures that any incidental moisture making its way through the outer layer of the wall will naturally travel out.


Architectural mouldings are customized to create a stunning modern, contemporary, or classic design. They come in a variety of styles and shapes that will complement your residential or commercial property. When you schedule your service with us, you can choose from our wide selection of mouldings or pick from our unlimited design options using bands, corbels, trims, sills, quoins, and keystones to get the look of your choice.


Cultured stones are installed to add a rustic charm and contemporary style to your property. Whether you want them on your interior walls or exterior walls, we will get it done for you. Cultured stone or veneer can be used for everything including a fireplace surround, feature accent wall, or as a stunning facade.


From traditional and acrylic stucco to EIFS stucco and cultured stones, we offer everything to our customers.

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